Cutting Edge

ShutterMag premieres, calling photographers to innovate

This magazine has all the polish you’d expect from a pro photography outfit. The magazine is chock full of useful and original content (sign-up to get it free). Most important, it’s the type of read you’d find in your Wired or NewsWeek, basically real stories told well. What the market doesn’t need is another “advertorial” type publication that regurgitates basic tips and tries to sell you on its wares. Thankfully,  ShutterMag has struck the right balance.

Shuttermag Premiere Issue

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

David Jay has some pretty radical ideas. ShutterMag sat down with the maverick to talk more in-depth about his photo revolution, what he dubs the Photo System. Sign-up for free to hear the interview.

David Jay's Audio Interview

From the July 2012 issue:

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you should have heard something about David Jay’s “The Photo System.”

“Spray and pray!” was the shot heard ‘round the world. It has made professionals twitch collectively with anger and angst.

“Innovative.” “Forward thinking.” “Garbage.” “Irresponsible.”

Whatever you might think, dont judge until you listen to this one on one interview between Sal Cincotta and David Jay.

Portrait Pics Not for the Faint of Heart

Today, cameras are almost a standard feature in every mobile device and anyone can truly be a photographer. But do you have what it takes?

Krystal and Justin

Portrait Photography is as much about the ability to tell a story as it is pressing the shutter button.

Growing Up with Cameras in Hand

Kids get their first picture taken within minutes of birth and start taking pictures before they even know how to say “exposure.” By the time they hit high school they essentially document their lives with pictures on social media. Read on how to make the teen years special by creating the most riveting senior portraits.

Senior Pictures

Parting Shot

For the Truly Bold

If you’re looking for a make-it or break-it way to get better at portrait photography or video, try a Same Day Edit of your work and show it to the people you just photographed or videotaped. It’s high-tempo and high-pressure, but can pay off in spades. But what about after you successfully showcase your work to this captive audience? Read more about making the most out of this cutting edge model.

Same Day Edit Photo Model

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