Sharing the experience with the closest of friends

Laura and JustinLaura and Justin invited their closest friends and family to experience the first day of their new lives together. What I loved about this couple and their party was that they were comfortable and relaxed with each other. No stress, no last-minute jitters or fretting. They were there for each other and to enjoy the day completely. Many in the group had known each other for years and you could tell by the way they joked and played around. They were game for any kind of photo and didn’t mind risking the wardrobe (handkerchiefs in the breast pocket – gone; high heels on the railroad tracks – yes!)

Others that were new to the inside circle were embraced and made to feel welcome (me included, which always makes for the best photos). They all became best of friends leading up to the wedding and the payoff in photos was equally big. Thanks to the whole group for making this day about the two people at the center of it – Laura and Justin. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people. Experience a part of the magic and emotion.

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