At the Top of the World

Kristin_Colin_SundialLooking out across Atlanta from the top of downtown’s Sundial Restaurant, the city can be seen in one sweeping view. You get a feeling of how big the city is looking out at the horizon filled with skyscrapers. Here at the top of the world Kristin and Colin celebrated their wedding reception after a beautiful ceremony, both incredible experiences. They even slipped away from their guests to take some pictures below the observation deck in a private part of the restaurant overlooking Atlanta. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a moment that I won’t forget.

I started the day with Kristin and the girls as they prepared in the bridal suite in the Westin Hotel (crowned by the Sundial). Kristin’s bridesmaids were relentless in finding the perfect spot to hang the dress for a photo. With the city in the background, the dress shot turned out amazing.

Kristin and Colin were married right off Peachtree in a Catholic church filled with ornate statues and stain glass windows.

I went over to the church where I met the guys before the ceremony, and we had fun playing downtown. After getting kicked off the Bank of America’s lawn, we occupied their steps and made the guys shine. (Grass was off-limits, but the architecture was fair game.)

Some of my favorite memories of Kristin and Colin are at the nearby water fountain we visited after they were married. We did some great couple photos before heading to the party.

Kristin and Colin were right at home in the city landscape and I didn’t want to let them go – but the Sundial awaited where more memories were waiting to be made.

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