Mountaintops and Vineyards Are Nice, But Barns Are Better

Jamie and Will WeddingMany outdoor weddings embrace the beauty of nature – they are set among vineyards, on mountaintops, open fields, or even overlooking breathless canyons and valleys. Jamie and Will’s outdoor wedding didn’t have one spectacular scene from nature, but at least half a dozen. Their wedding was nestled in a low field next to a pond bordered by woods and a horse farm, complete with the gorgeously renovated Reid Barn. The stables were tastefully setup as a bridal section where the girls could change, and the interior took advantage of the high barn roof with hanging chandeliers that set the mood. (Looking back, I think a loft that doubles as a bar or lounge would be a nice addition….)

Jamie and Will took full advantage of their country-styled wedding, Will hanging out with the horses and Jamie sporting cowgirl boots and leather belt at the reception. One special addition that Will and Jamie decided on was a Do-It-Yourself alter. They flew down early to spend time with family and Will and his groomsmen set to work building the alter. It was a spectacular centerpiece for their wedding ceremony overlooking the pond. The alter was something that I wanted the couple to remember through unique photographs, and I think we captured some that you can view in the gallery.

One moment, among many that stood out, was when Will and the men serenaded Jamie during the reception. And it wasn’t a half-hearted attempt either. They embraced the moment, getting down on their knees, shoulder-to-shoulder, with their full attention on Jamie, giving the new bride the spotlight. The night ended with an exit out the 20-foot-high barn doors, through a line of dazzling sparklers, and into the back of an old pickup, where Jamie and Will disappeared into the night riding through their own little field.

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