Taking on the Summer Heat

Kristin and Colin engagement photos

When Kristin and Colin scheduled their engagement photo session for early summer, it sounded perfect. Fast forward to the end of June with 90 degree temperatures. Not so lovely.

I usually want my couples to look hot, but not from being beaten down by the sun. We worked fast, found shade and got into a groove. Kristin and Colin were naturals, doting on each other and really finding a beautiful rhythm. One of my favorite spots was a little nook on a patio that had a Southwestern feel to it. Kristin made herself comfortable on a barrel that doubled as a table and we got some really fun shots.

I thought we had beat the heat, but we ended up taking a small break during the session. Kristin is an ER doctor and had pulled a long shift the night before. I was shocked and impressed all at the same time – shocked that she had come off a shift ready for a photo shoot and impressed with how flawless she was in more than 300 pictures (without a hint of being tired).

Kristin and Colin have a funny and endearing engagement story. See the pictures from their session and listen as they talk about their affection for each other and how Colin had to move fast to surprise Kristin with the Big Question.

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