A Southern Party in Downtown Charleston

Alicia and Thomas in Charleston Easter Sunday 2012

Every wedding has its own temperament or personality. The excitement and anticipation of the day plays out in many different ways. I get to document a good part of the day as it unfolds and to capture the little moments that together paint a picture of the wedding day. Alicia and Thomas’s wedding was a true Southern affair. They were wed on Easter Sunday in downtown Charleston, where the quiet and bucolic setting made it feel as if the city itself was waiting in anticipation for their wedding.

Their church, St. Luke’s Chapel, stood towering over nearby buildings, lining a quiet street with moss-covered Southern Oaks interspersed in the historic urban landscape. The city was open to us as we walked alongside aging cobblestone walls and past plantation homes, palm trees and beautiful manicured yards. Thomas and his groomsmen were up for anything during their photo shoot, including climbing a low-hanging tree branch covered in Spanish moss, but then we thought better of it.

Alicia and her girls meanwhile were getting ready in the Wicklyffe House, a beautiful plantation home with a sprawling veranda and lawn and beautiful ball room complimented by a spiral staircase. The house was also the setting for the reception, which boasted a live band and a well-worn dance floor by the end of the night.

What I’ll remember most about Thomas and Alicia’s wedding day was all the little moments – before the wedding vows and at the party afterward – that set the tone. Everyone was so sincere and kind and their actions centered on Alicia and Thomas’s happiness that day. The couple gave every person their undivided attention when they talked and were genuine in their gratitude to those attending. It was a truly remarkable occasion that reminded me of how down-to-Earth and happy Thomas and Alicia are and how they set the tone for their marriage on that first day. In their sendoff, they of course exited in a horse and carriage, like in any true Southern wedding, and took to the wide open streets, symbolic of a future where anything is possible.

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